Upcoming Workshop: Line Editing – Mahrie Glab

Line Editing for Stronger Writing with Mahrie Glab

Saturday April 12th.  St Mark’s. 10.30am (Members only.)

Over the years ARWA members have identified several areas that consistently weaken all of our writing.

Many of the editing books out there agree with us.

Learning to find and fix these, makes our writing stronger.

Join us on April 12th to learn what they are, how to identify them and suggestions for fixing them.

PLEASE BRING (at least) ONE CHAPTER ON PAPER as this will be a hands-on workshop.

If you wish to bring more – great – or if you wish to bring more on your laptop – great as well.

Many of us have participated in the Challenge. This is an opportunity to do some line-editing and get feedback from others.

Screenwriting – Carol Mulholland.

Meeting Reminder. Thursday, March 27th. 7.30pm. St Marks. (Members only.)

Screenwriting with Carol Mulholland.

This workshop will cover the process of movie making and how the script and screenwriter fit into that process. Also where production companies get their material and how writers can be part of the process without being screenwriters.

Carol Mulholland wrote the feature thriller After Midnight which was shot in LA in 2007. She is currently in preproduction with the feature Murphy’s Creek – Kris Kristofferson, Peter Stormare and Armand Assante are attached. She has placed in the quarter and semi finals of the Nicholl Fellowship, Austin, American Accolades and Page Awards on a number of occasions. She writes for both the UK and North American markets.

World Building with Jessica L. Jackson

Saturday, March 8th, 10.30am, St Mark’s. (Members only.)

WORLD BUILDING with Jessica L. Jackson

Every time you sit down at your computer or at your notebook to write, you are entering a different world. A world of your own creation. A world where you write the rules. Join us for a discussion of World Building at this weekend’s ARWA workshop. Bring your tips on how you do it and share them with the group as we navigate the fascinating environments dependent on our fertile imaginations.

Thank you, Virginia!

Shout out to Virginia Janes for a great workshop on Creating Trust Between Your Hero and Heroine.

Lots of ‘a-ha’ moments, but the one that made the most impact for me: Look at trust in your current ms. At what point do hero and heroine gain trust. Is that trust then tested within the ms? Do they pass or fail the test? If they fail, how do they gain that trust back? Will your reader follow these trust scenes and maintain trust in YOUR writing!

Thanks again, Virginia!