I sometimes lose track. Whatever.

Christmas, New Year’s, and my birthday (34 and still getting ID’d) have all come and gone and now I’m out of legitimate excuses for delaying the launch of this blog. So, TADA! Here it is…

Today was the first meeting of the new year. Diana Scott led the rest of the ARWA gang through a workshop on how to develop a one- to two-page synopsis. I never finish anything so I couldn’t apply the information to my own work but I’m glad I went because until this afternoon I didn’t even know a thing called ‘synopsis’ existed outside of junior high book reports and the dust jackets of hard cover CanLit novels.

Afterwards, Sarah Kades and I had a super good jam over a couple of lattes at Good Earth.  We talked families and jobs and kids. We talked writing and reading and blogging. We talked about this year’s WWC convention and ARWA’s presence, involvement and contributions. We tossed around a lot of ideas for the coming year while sipping soy lattes in one of Calgary’s increasingly hipster-dense neighbourhoods. I wore a scarf. It was all very writerly. 

So this blog. The idea is not for me to have another forum for my neurotic ramblings and narcissistic navel gazing but to give our members an opportunity to contribute and access information in a new (to us) way. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

I want you guys to send me stuff. Maybe you have some brilliant ideas about craft and process to share. Maybe you want to post something you wrote and get some feedback from anonymous strangers. Maybe you have a new project being released and you just want to indulge in some blatant self promotion. Superb. Do it all here.

Seriously. Do it.

You should probably check out the Want to Contribute? page for submission guidelines first, though.