Lie To Me!

Great turnout for Richard Patzer’s workshop on body language and polygraph testing last night.  What a fascinating session. Will be interesting to see how many of our crime writers use the ‘three whites of the eyes’ in their next book!

Lie to Me!

Thursday, October 25th, 7-9pm.  St Mark’s. Members only. Richard Patzer spent over ten years as a polygraph detective for the Calgary Police Service.  His exciting presentation will address lies, body language and statement analysis. Richard’s talk will begin promptly at 7pm.

Saturday Workshop

Just back from attending Suzanne and Sherile’s FABULOUS workshop on a character’s Inner Journey.  Great presentation, examples and handouts. You’ve given us lots to think about and great tools to use.  Many thanks, guys.


Join Suzanne Stengl and Sherile Reilly for a fascinating examination of your character’s inner journey – what changes does s/he go through as your story unfolds. Instead of referencing particular books, they will be discussing character development in three popular films: 1) Hitch 2) Sleepless in Seattle 3)When Harry Met Sally. If you only have…