Month: March 2013

Mahrie’s workshop

Mahrie gave a great workshop last night. Lots of useful and practical help and advice on plotting/writing problems.

The one particular phrase that I think we are all going to take away from the workshop? Reticular activating gate!

Thanks again, Mahrie!

March 28th – Thursday Workshop

Thursday, March 28th, 7-9pm
St Mark’s Lodge – members only

The 7th Solution Workshop with Mahrie Glab

Do you have a stuck plot, a lack-luster character, a so-what ending, not enough or too much action, or do you fear that the whole thing stinks?

Need solutions?

Bring you stickiest story issue and join Mahrie Glab to learn new tools and processes or revive old tools that have worked for published and non-published authors alike.

Saturday Workshop

Thanks to Mahrie and Sarah for a great workshop on Saturday. Lots of useful and thoughtful information to digest.

The most important aspect of the writing process that they discussed? Don’t listen to people who say there is only one ‘correct’ way to write. There are no rules.

When it comes to the writing process, we must all find our own unique path.

Experiment. Have fun.

Honour your individual process.

Thanks again, guys, for reminding us of this important lesson!

.No Rules