I must be getting older than I think – I came back from When Words Collide completely energized on the one hand, and totally exhausted on the other. So much information to absorb and reflect upon.

It was a great conference for ARWA and I have to give thanks to so many people for making it such a success. Firstly to Lorraine and Sarah for their fabulous Friday morning workshop on Sexual Tension and How to Heighten Your Readers’ Satisfaction. (Sorry I have no pictures!) It was an excellent session – Lorraine and Sarah’s complementary teaching styles providing us with great tools to use in our writing.

Second shout out goes to our ARWA panel and the ARWA members who represented ARWA in various other panels throughout the conference. A huge thank you to Lorraine, Sarah, Roxy, Jessica, Sharon and Mahrie.

ARWA panel participants

Also, many thanks to those who helped out behind the scenes, making the magnets to sell and also ‘womaning’ ARWA’s table. Once again, thank you to all those mentioned above, plus Sherile, Grace, Janet, Victoria, Billie, Randi, Jude and Maria. We couldn’t have done it without you.

ARWA table

It’s our members who make ARWA such a wonderful organization. Thank you again, Ladies, for all your hard work and enthusiasm… and here’s to our upcoming Fall Sesssion!

As our promotional button says: Keep Calm and ARWA On!