A belated (blame it on my Thanksgiving turkey brain) but heartfelt THANK YOU to June and Deb for their fabulous editing workshop on Saturday. Also, it was great to see so many members turn out, especially on a holiday weekend.

What editors and readers are looking for, and what we as writers strive to produce, is ‘A Good Story Well Told’. Well, June and Deb’s workshop provided us with the tools to create both.

June started off the morning with taking an overview of your story, focusing on character, goal and structure. (Set-up, Response, Attack, Resolution.)

With the story and its foundation solid, Deb then took over in the afternoon, honing in on the ‘little’ but all-important details to ensure your story is well told; grammar, active voice, show and tell, dialogue, cliches etc.

A great workshop, June and Deb. Again, many thanks!

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