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JUST INTUITION by Makenzi Fisk
Intuition Series Book One
Publish date: June 2014
Publisher: Mischievous Books


A woman disappears when a shadowy figure turns to murder in a northern Minnesota town. Years later, the murderer strikes again, and an elderly woman burns to death in a fiery blast.

Small town cop Erin Ericsson doesn’t believe it was an accident. With the help of a quirky fellow officer, she defies the investigating detective to pursue the case on her own.

Her girlfriend Allie begins to suffer terrifying visions with a connection to the malevolent presence. Enlisting her reluctant cooperation, Erin struggles to interpret the meaning of the cryptic dreams.

Her police work and Allie’s uncanny insight lead them through unforgiving back woods and face to face with evil. Together they use their skill, and a bit of intuition, to unmask the culprit behind an escalating series of deadly crimes.

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By ARWA member Makenzi Fisk!

BIO: Makenzi Fisk grew up in a small town in Northwestern Ontario where she spent much of her youth exploring the many lakes, rivers and forests that made up her environment.

As an adult, she moved to an urban centre where she became a police officer. Her experience includes patrols, covert operations, communications and forensic identification. She transitioned to internet and graphic design for a number of police agencies and now works for herself.

She has over a decade of experience writing content for websites, brochures and newsletters. In her novels, Makenzi draws on her knowledge of the outdoors, policing and technology to create an environment where readers are drawn into an intriguing tangle of crime, untamed environments and intuition.  Her novel’s characters are competent women who solve crime using skill and a little intuition.

Currently Makenzi resides in Calgary with her partner, their daughter, and assorted furry companions, all of whom provide endless support and inspiration.