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Mahrie G. Reid’s new book launches today!


Katya Binks Came Home From Away, A Caleb Cove Mystery #2

What do you do if you find out your life is a lie? Kelsey Maxwell searches for the truth and walks into the middle of a heap of trouble. Running from killers wasn’t what she had in mind when she set out on her quest. Dead bodies, a knife held to her middle and chases through the dock area liven her previously dull life. A sexy ex-cop provides protection but in the end, Kelsey may have to shoot to kill in order to save her father. No matter what happens, her life is changed forever. Will she even survive to reunite with her father and connect with the sexy man?

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About Mahrie

Mahrie G. Reid grew up in small Nova Scotia and Ontario towns. She read copiously and wrote her first novel at age eight. A minister’s daughter in the the fifties, she was encouraged to be a nurse, teacher or office worker so she’d had something to ‘fall back on’ if anything happened to her husband. She did what was expected and tried all three professions before becoming a Real Estate Appraiser, a newsletter editor, an adult educator, an office organization consultant, a library manager and a marriage commissioner among other things. At all times she continued to write, often as part of her job. She always studied writing skills and presented workshops to share what she learned.

In addition to her trade and technical writing on the job, her published works include short stories, poems, and newspaper features. Now she writes mystery novels with a touch of romance and considers all other phases of her life as preparation for her writing life.

Katya Binks Came Home From Away is her second novel. Her first novel, Sheldon Harris Came Home Dead, was published in February 2014. Mahrie lives in Central Alberta with her husband.

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