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Never Pick a Pretty Woman by Mary M. Forbes!

Disillusioned with love, career and life in general, Sophie Donnelly retreats to her childhood home. Back in Crystal Ridge her plan is disrupted by the man next door. Her senses are assaulted by the ruggedly handsome, hard-working Jake. How can she convince him she is not just another pretty woman?

Jake McCallum wanted Sophie in high school. Sophie all grown stirs his heart. But he has decided he needs a plain, practical gal who can help run his ranch. Sophie is too pretty to be practical. His head says so. Which will he follow? His head or his heart?

About Mary:

After my dad passed away, we moved from the farm to a small town. A seismic crew came to our small farming community. I was ‘almost’ sixteen. Working in the only theater in town, I had ample opportunity to meet these new, exciting hunks. I could easily pass myself off as an 18 year old – which I did. When they left I was devastated. Life was boring again. So my girlfriend and I went to Calgary with very little money. When we got off the bus, we sat drinking hot chocolate (The only thing we could afford, wondering what to do now). A man approached and after asking us if we were immigrants, suggested we go to a large hotel downtown and get jobs. We did and were immediately hired. What a revelation. From isolation to the excitement of Calgary (Cow Town). So began my investigations into romance. After six months, I went back home to grow-up. Today, I once again live in Calgary. After traveling around North America it became my city of choice. I belong to the Romance Writers of America and Alberta Romance Writer’s Association and have attended many conventions in both Canada and the USA . I also edit/critique and review manuscripts.

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