ARWA is delighted to introduce both members who will be participating in this year’s When Words Collide conference in Calgary August 8-10th, 2014 and also other ARWA sponsored panels.

Members activities include sitting on panels, offering workshops and reading at the ARWA Social, held in the Yorkshire 1 room at the Carriage House Inn, on Friday evening, 8-11pm.

You must be registered with the conference to attend workshops, but the social is open to members of the public. Please join us and check out our group and the programs we offer to aspiring and published authors.



“ARWA is playing an active, dynamic role in this stellar conference and I am honoured to be part of both of these important writing communities.” Sarah

As well as participating on the Blogmance Panel, you can also hear Sarah at the following:

Workshop: Monochrome or Tapestry; Friday at 9m


  • Blogmance,
  • Alpha vs. Beta, Romance Heroes,
  • Laughing at Love,
  • For Love of the Craft,
  • In Places Between Short Story Contest, Judge,
  • Romance Writing, Unplugged;

WWC Events:

ARWA Book Social, ARWA Evening Social, Mass Autograph Session

Sarah just released her second book KISS ME IN THE RAIN, Book One of the Tanner Family Series, and will be reading from it at the Friday ARWA Social.

Family betrayal has taught both Savannah and Gabe not to trust, or love, which makes navigating their mutual attraction on a remote archaeological survey beyond frustrating. But somewhere between roaring fathers and dense spruce forests, they let go of the past and learn that love doesn’t care who the extended family is.


IS CHICK LIT DEAD? Friday, 3pm.



“Chick Lit is an interesting topic, full of controversy, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to contribute my insights.”

Jillian has been captivated by stories for as long as she can remember! She graduated from the University of Calgary in 2010, with a BFA in Drama. She is the coordinator for social media for Alberta Romance Writers Association, and has recently completed her first novel.




Victoria Smith is an aspiring writer of humorous, contemporary romance. She has completed her first novel, nearly completed the second and is plotting three more simultaneously.

She is excited to be on the chick- lit panel because although some feel that it’s a dying genre, Victoria sees huge uptake for it in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.