ARWA is delighted to introduce both members who will be participating in this year’s When Words Collide conference in Calgary August 8-10th, 2014 and also other ARWA sponsored panels.

Members activities include sitting on panels, offering workshops and reading at the ARWA Social, held in the Yorkshire 1 room at the Carriage House Inn, on Friday evening, 8-11pm.

You must be registered with the conference to attend workshops, but the social is open to members of the public. Please join us and check out our group and the programs we offer to aspiring and published authors.





“I owe all of my writing success to writers’ groups generally and ARWA specifically. We live in a great time, a time when writers don’t have to work in isolation.

I’m new to the world of self-publishing and have enjoyed every twist and turn in the process. Even if you ultimately choose to go the traditional route, self-publishing gives a terrific insight into the whole process.” Dee

You can also hear Dee on the Self- Publishing panel, join her as she moderates Romance Writing Unplugged, Sunday at noon and at the Friday evening social where she will be reading from her latest book SIN EATER.

Seventeen year-old Sara Shaughnessy has spent most of her life on the fringes of society, the sister of a convicted serial killer. Bullied or ignored, at least her life has an element of predictability to it.

But when her father’s death thrusts her into the care of her strange Irish grandmother, the danger to Sara is no longer child’s play.





“As a new author, I recently joined ARWA and was able to complete, edit and publish my first novel with members’ support.”

At the Friday social, Brenda will read from her first book JUST INTUITION, a murder mystery set in a remote Northern Minnesota community.

JUST INTUITION – After a suspicious fire, two women use police work and a bit of intuition to unmask a shadowy killer.

On Sunday at 12 noon, Makenzi will offer her experiences with the group on the panel, Writing Groups.


Are you thinking about writing romance? Come and join this panel to find out what they wished they’d know before they started. Launch your romance writing with some extra insight.

BOOMER LIT – Sunday, 3pm.

MAHRIE G. REID. (Moderator)


Mahrie is a founding member of ARWA and has served as President, VP and Treasurer. She has studied the writing craft and presented workshops for writing and editing groups as well as at international conferences. Her current passion is Boomer Lit and she’s organized, and will be moderating, the Boomer lit panel.

On Friday morning she is one of the presenters for the Monochrome or Tapestry workshop on enhancing your writing by adding depth and texture.

On Friday at 5:00 pm, she’ll be on the panel, Self-Publishing Ventures:

Self-publishing allowed me control over my book and process and the group educated and supported me as I finally published. There are a few pitfalls though.”

She is also moderating or sitting on the following panels.

  • Murder Most Fair (Sunday at 12)
  • Alpa vs Beta Heroes (Friday at 4)
  • Blogmance (Friday at 2)
  • For Love of The Craft (Sunday at 10 am.)

“With all the controversy about self-publishing, there are those that fear the books for sale are inferior. IT IS UP TO US TO PROVE THEM WRONG. We can do that by knowing our writing craft from plot to punctuation and using it appropriately.” Mahrie

Mahrie has published two books in the Caleb Cove Mystery Series this year SHELDON HARRIS CAME HOME DEAD and KATYA BINKS CAME HOME FROM AWAY and will be reading from one of them at the Friday evening ARWA social.