Month: October 2014

Thank you, Jillian!


A huge thank you to Jillian for putting on a fantastic workshop last night. While anything extroverted can be intimidating for writers, those that were there had a great time and really learned to sink into our characters. Conversations between all of our characters were hilarious!

Thanks, Jillian, for sitting in the Hot Seat and helping us prove to ourselves how confident we could be with our characters!

Thursday Workshop – October 23rd

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 ARWA Workshop 7:00pm, St Mark’s Lodge. Members only.

Connecting With Your Characters with Jillian Long

Have a character that’s hiding from you, or one that you’d simply like to know better? Come prepared with a character that you’d like to get to know, or make one up, while we work through different exercises meant to connect you more intimately with your characters.

Bring a character you’re working on, an accessory they might wear, and an open mind!


If you haven’t already, please pay your 2014-2015 membership dues! You can click here for more information about how to join or renew your membership at AWRA.

Saturday Workshop – October 11th

October 11, 2014 ARWA Workshop 10:30am, St Mark’s Lodge. Members only.

Police and Paramedics Workshop

Presented by Brenda Fisk and Stacey O’Sullivan

Q&A style. Brenda will discuss issues related to her career in policing. Stacey will discuss her experiences as a rural and urban paramedic. The day will end with a hands-on tour of a fully-equipped ambulance. We look forward to seeing you all there!