Month: January 2015

Saturday Workshop – January 10th


January 10, 2015 at 10:30 am at St Mark’s Lodge. Members only.

The Virgin’s Promise

Presented by Diana Cranstoun

We’ve all heard of The Hero’s Journey, but what about The Heroine’s? Are they the same? If not, what are the differences? The similarities?

Based on Kin Hudson’s book The Virgin’s Promise, we’ll explore both journeys and how you can apply them to your characters’ stories.

If possible, please try and watch the original ‘Rocky’ film and ‘Ever After’ before the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you there. And Happy New (Writing) Year!

Ready for the New Year Challenge Groups?

The New Year means a new round of the writing challenge. There are three different options available:

  1. Five Page Program – Member submit 5 pages per week for review by their group members. They meet once a week at the same time on Skype to give verbal feedback and follow-up by sending back the marked, reviewed MS.
  2. Up to 25 Pages – Member submit up to a maximum of 25 pages per week. Review and meetings as for 5 pages.
  3. Book under the Bed – Members submit an over view of a previously completed book (a synopsis of up to 10 pages) and then group members decide how they will proceed. They might meet on Skype to discuss the plot and characters before the rewrite begins. They might exchange full books, or agreed upon chunks with feedback being given individually after an agreed upon period of time. (One month for a whole book for example.) This is process is in itself a work in progress.

See the guidlelines here!

The January program will be starting in the next couple of weeks. We have two new challenge groups going forward. If you are interested in the challenge program, please read the information and guidelines and let Mahrie know at