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Jessica L. Jackson’s new book is out!

Julian's Chance

You all know you want Jessica L. Jackson’s newest book!

Julian's Chance

Julian’s Chance by Jessica L. Jackson

“I’m telling you straight out now, honey, that I’m the most selfish bastard you will ever know.”

Gabriella is returning to Earth with a new assignment. She’s to help Julian Gath learn how to love. She’ll be reborn as a mortal and only come into the knowledge of who she is—an angel—on her twenty-fifth birthday. When she completes her mission, she will return to Heaven. That is the way of things for angels for she proved her worthiness many lifetimes before. This is Julian’s chance to prove his.

But, the moment her eyes are open, she knows that this mission is different for her. The love she feels for this powerful, compelling man goes far beyond the charitable love she usually has for her charges. He makes her yearn for life…

Julian Gath wants Gabriella. To him, she radiates something pure and good. He has to have her—to feel as if all that goodness is working in his favor. Something in his life has to be right and good. No matter what it takes, he will win her for his own. He will not love her, however, because love is a weak, useless emotion that does not last. She will be the one bright star shining in his shadowy world…

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Dee Van Dyk’s Sin Eater is out!

What a busy month for ARWA! Dee Van Dyk’s new article is available!

Sin Eater

Sin Eater by Dee Van Dyk

What would your life be like if your brother was a convicted serial killer? Lonely, as seventeen year-old Sara Shaughnessy knows. She’s spent the last decade on the fringes of society, hated and bullied. And her life is about to take a turn for the worse.

Van Dyk’s novel takes us into the dark world of sin eating and ancient demons, a place where the stakes are high and no one is safe.

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About Dee!

Dee Van Dyk is a professional writer living and writing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is the author of three non-fiction books (Conspiracy Theories, Hurricane Katrina Survival Stories, and Hurricane Hell) published through Altitude Publishing. Her first fiction novel (Sin Eater) was released in June 2014.

Her work has appeared in many North American magazines and publications, including PROFIT, Canadian Living, Homemaker’s, Write Magazine, Alberta Venture, FiftyPlus, Mocha Sofa, Campus Starter, WestJet Inflight Magazine, Jetsgo Inflight Magazine, West Word, Beltline Outlook, Madame, Home Cooking, Food for Thought, Student Counsellor, Canadian Writer’ s Journal, Avenue, Moving To,,, CanLearn and Visitor’s Choice.

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Mary M. Forbes’ book is out today!

Book cover

Never Pick a Pretty Woman by Mary M. Forbes!

Disillusioned with love, career and life in general, Sophie Donnelly retreats to her childhood home. Back in Crystal Ridge her plan is disrupted by the man next door. Her senses are assaulted by the ruggedly handsome, hard-working Jake. How can she convince him she is not just another pretty woman?

Jake McCallum wanted Sophie in high school. Sophie all grown stirs his heart. But he has decided he needs a plain, practical gal who can help run his ranch. Sophie is too pretty to be practical. His head says so. Which will he follow? His head or his heart?

About Mary:

After my dad passed away, we moved from the farm to a small town. A seismic crew came to our small farming community. I was ‘almost’ sixteen. Working in the only theater in town, I had ample opportunity to meet these new, exciting hunks. I could easily pass myself off as an 18 year old – which I did. When they left I was devastated. Life was boring again. So my girlfriend and I went to Calgary with very little money. When we got off the bus, we sat drinking hot chocolate (The only thing we could afford, wondering what to do now). A man approached and after asking us if we were immigrants, suggested we go to a large hotel downtown and get jobs. We did and were immediately hired. What a revelation. From isolation to the excitement of Calgary (Cow Town). So began my investigations into romance. After six months, I went back home to grow-up. Today, I once again live in Calgary. After traveling around North America it became my city of choice. I belong to the Romance Writers of America and Alberta Romance Writer’s Association and have attended many conventions in both Canada and the USA . I also edit/critique and review manuscripts.

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Mahrie G. Reid’s new book is out!

It’s a busy month for ARWA!

Mahrie G. Reid’s new book launches today!


Katya Binks Came Home From Away, A Caleb Cove Mystery #2

What do you do if you find out your life is a lie? Kelsey Maxwell searches for the truth and walks into the middle of a heap of trouble. Running from killers wasn’t what she had in mind when she set out on her quest. Dead bodies, a knife held to her middle and chases through the dock area liven her previously dull life. A sexy ex-cop provides protection but in the end, Kelsey may have to shoot to kill in order to save her father. No matter what happens, her life is changed forever. Will she even survive to reunite with her father and connect with the sexy man?

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About Mahrie

Mahrie G. Reid grew up in small Nova Scotia and Ontario towns. She read copiously and wrote her first novel at age eight. A minister’s daughter in the the fifties, she was encouraged to be a nurse, teacher or office worker so she’d had something to ‘fall back on’ if anything happened to her husband. She did what was expected and tried all three professions before becoming a Real Estate Appraiser, a newsletter editor, an adult educator, an office organization consultant, a library manager and a marriage commissioner among other things. At all times she continued to write, often as part of her job. She always studied writing skills and presented workshops to share what she learned.

In addition to her trade and technical writing on the job, her published works include short stories, poems, and newspaper features. Now she writes mystery novels with a touch of romance and considers all other phases of her life as preparation for her writing life.

Katya Binks Came Home From Away is her second novel. Her first novel, Sheldon Harris Came Home Dead, was published in February 2014. Mahrie lives in Central Alberta with her husband.

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