Watch Your Step by Jessica L. Jackson

Watch your Step by Jessica L. Jackson

Blush sensuality level: A sensual romance (may have explicit love scenes, but not erotic in frequency or type).

Book two in the Look Behind You series.

Vie is tough, sexy and fiercely loyal. As an international P.I., she doesn’t take much from anyone. Her paranormal talent permits her to “look” back in time but using this skill makes her vulnerable. So she needs a guide—someone trustworthy and courageous, willing to protect her and keep up with her. What she isn’t expecting to find is a man capable of stirring her passionate nature.

Beckley is determined to change his career as a stodgy librarian. At the wackiest interview ever, he quickly discovers adventure awaits him if he joins Vie. “Watch your step with Violet Tine,” he’s warned. She chews up her guides and spits them out. However, Beckley is tougher than he appears and has a talent of his own—reading auras. When he views Vie’s, he knows there’s more to this hard-as-nails woman than others can see.

A Blush® paranormal romance from Ellora’s Cave