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Romantic Novelists’ Association Conference

From Diana:

I’m currently in the UK at the Romantic Novelists’ Association Conference and having a great time. Learning lots which I will share with ARWA members at our Thursday August meeting.

The opening session celebrated RNA members who had been published in the past year. I took note of the markets they sold to, so here is a list of the most popular ones. Some of the houses you might not be familiar with as most are British – or subsidiaries of US companies – but there’s a Canadian one in there too!

Accent Press
Harper Impulse
My Weekly Pocket Novels

ARWA is providing this information as a courtesy only and this list should not be seen as ARWA’s endorsement of any company. Individual writers / authors are responsible for their own research, evaluation and acceptance of any/all companies prior to entering into contractual agreements.

Summer and Fall Programming 2013

All sessions are for members only and are held At St Mark’s Lodge.

Saturday, July 13th. No meeting. Out Stampeding – Come Hell and High Water!
Thursday, July 25th. When Words Collide Work Party

Saturday, August 10th. No meeting. See you all at When Words Collide!
Thursday, August 22nd. When Words Collide debriefing and end of summer get-together.

Saturday, September 14th. Visioning and Planning day. Chaired by Lorraine Paton.
Thursday, September 26th. The Life of an Undercover Cop. Det. Dave Sweet of the CPS.

Saturday, October 12th. Self-editing. June Baxter and Deb Smith.
Thursday, October 24th. Character Development. Grace Panko.

Saturday, November 9th. ARWA Self-publishing venture. Chaired by Jessica Jackson.
Thursday, November 28th. Conflict. Victoria Smith.

New Board

At last night’s AGM, the membership elected a new board.

President: Diana Scott
Vice-President: Mahrie Glab
Secretary: Deb Smith
Treasurer: Bernadine Visotto

Non-elected positions:
Newsletter Editor: Darlene Maynard
Membership Chair: Grace Panko

Virginia Janes
Randi-Lee Ryder
Victoria Smith

There will be some more appointments in the upcoming days, so please watch-this-space.

AGM – Thursday

Because of the current state of emergency in Calgary, the board will make a final decision whether or not to hold our AGM (scheduled for this Thursday) on Wednesday evening.

Please check your e-mail on Wednesday evening for confirmation.

Hope everyone is safe, well and dry. If any members need assistance, please contact Diana on her e-mail or phone.