Thursday October 26, 2017 – Writing a Christmas Story with CJ Carmichael

October 26th, 2017 at 7:00 PM at St Mark’s Lodge. Members and prospective members.

Writing a Christmas Story with CJ Carmichael

Yes folks. It’s getting to be that time of year again. If you want to write a Christmas story for this Christmas, you have to start early. Come out to hear CJ Carmichael give you the finer points of constructing and writing a good Christmas story. (Besides, the eggnog is already in the grocery stores,so if that wasn’t a hint…)

New Novel from B.G. Cousins

A New Novel in the Rainey Chronicles Series by B.G. Cousins

Muscovy 1460. After years of combat, veteran mercenary Connor Rainey heads into the Land of the Rus in search of a peaceful new home. What he finds is anything but peaceful.

In the dark world of early Russia, Ivan III sets in motion a plan for uniting the fractured lands into a powerful new nation. But he is surrounded by enemies, both outside his lands and in his own court. When Connor Rainey arrives with knowledge of new weapons and the politics of Muscovy’s enemies to the west, he is rewarded with the lands of a boyar whose attempt to assassinate Ivan was foiled by Rainey. And with the lands comes the boyar’s fiery daughter, Ludmilla, who is unwilling to surrender her birthright to anyone.

Spanning 25 years, The Great Celt weaves a story of love, intrigue and power leading to the formation of Russia as a nation and the transformation of the Grand Prince of Muscovy to Tsar of All the Russias.

Follow the family and the sword through history. Book II of the Rainey Chronicles. Available on Amazon.

Saturday Workshop – October 14, 2017


October 14th, 2017 at 10:30 am at St Mark’s Lodge. For members and invited guests.

Board Meeting starts at 9 AM.

All members are welcome to join the board for the meeting.

Using Scrivener

Join Sue Bergman for her workshop, “Using Scrivener”   This software is very popular among authors, but how many use it to its fullest extent. Sue will take us through all the ins and out of Scrivener and how it can help you write more effectively.