All sessions are for members and invited guests only and are held at St Mark’s Lodge (2612 14A Street SW, Calgary, AB T2T 3X7).

Saturday workshops start at 10:30am (and typically run to 2:30-3:30pm).

Thursday meetings start at 7:00pm (and typically run to 9:00pm).

Fall 2018 Programming

Thursday 27th – Using Music to Create a Synopsis – Grace Panko

Saturday 13th – The Role of the Agent – Naomi Davis
Thursday 25th – Turning Your Novel Into A Screenplay – Allison Gorner

Saturday 10th – Creating Ideas – Jessica Jackson
Thursday 22nd – The Healthy Writer – M. Jane Colette

Thursday Meeting Schedule

7-7.15pm Business and round table.
7.15-7.45pm Writing exercise. (Don’t worry, you won’t have to share. This is to get those creative juices going.)
7.45-8pm Coffee/tea/cookies/chat.
8-9pm Workshop

Saturday Workshop Schedule

10.30-noon Workshop
Noon-1pm Lunch
1-2/2.30pm Writing exercises/Free writing/Brainstorming. (Again, don’t worry, you won’t have to share!)