February 22, 2018 at 7:00 PM at St Mark’s Lodge. Members and Invited Guests only.

How to Turn Your Book into an Audiobook

Due to personal reasons, our schedule speaker has had to reschedule her talk on turning your book into a movie script. Instead, we will be bringing you Jenny Hoops, Narrator, who will be explaining how to turn your book into an audiobook and reach a wider audience. There have been lots of developments in the audiobook world, particularly for Canadian writers who can now register as a publisher (rights-holder) on ACX (the Audiobook Creation Exchange, Amazon’s audiobook production site for independent authors and narrators).  She’ll chat about the pros & cons of going through ACX, how to find a narrator that fits your book, the audiobook production process, royalty-share vs. per-finished-hour fees, and how to promote your audiobook alongside your e-book and printed book.

Jenny Hoops is a full-time professional narrator who lives and has a recording studio in Bragg Creek, Alberta. Her narration work includes several genres, both fiction and non-fiction, which are all available on-line through Audible, Amazon and iTunes. She narrates under her own name, Jenny Hoops, as well as Georgia Bragg (for the racier genres!). In addition to long-form narration (such as audiobooks), Jenny is also the weekend voice of The Washington Post, on Audible Channels. Visit her website,, or visit her on Facebook.