Thank you, Lorraine

Many thanks to Lorraine for a wonderful workshop yesterday. She gave us a lot of information in a very logical, thoughtful manner, so we never felt overwhelmed.

Apart from the practical, technical information, I also felt Lorraine gave us two really great insights.

1) You don’t have to do everything at once.  Dip your toe in the water with one thing first e.g. Author Facebook page or Blog, get comfortable with that and then move on to the next.

2)For those of us who are still unpublished, this is the perfect time to be setting up, and getting comfortable with, our author platform.  Once those professional writing contracts come in and we have deadlines to meet, the last thing we will want to be doing is running around trying to learn the social media end of the business. Personally I hadn’t considered this aspect before, so I think Lorraine pointed out something very important for us to consider when planning our writing careers.

Thanks again, Lorraine.  It was a great day!


Congratulations to Jessica Jackson. The second book in her time travel series – Her Place In Time – was published on January 1st, and is available on Kindle through

Promotion: It’s not a four letter word

Check out our first Saturday workshop of the new year, presented by Lorraine Paton.

Saturday, January 12th, 2013. 10am at St Mark’s. (Members only)

Promotion: It’s not a four letter word.

Published and unpublished writers alike can benefit from a basic understanding of online opportunities and how to start building their author platform. We’ll look at examples and discuss ideas while reviewing the potential of websites, blogs, and social media. It’ll be a whirlwind tour! Come prepared to brainstorm your author platform!